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Open Licensing Business Models for Publishers: Evidence from Research

A key barrier to improving children's reading skills is limited or no access to textbooks and reading materials. An open education resource (OER) policy could help progress Early Grade Reading (EGR) efforts and is now a policy requirement for all United States Government-funded projects. Can stakeholders in the book production chain embrace an OER model, finding benefit in the approach for their businesses?

The answers to that question and other related matters are discussed in this webinar ( sponsored by the Global Reading Network (GRN) and its partner, the Global Book Alliance (GBA), for publishers in the African region of the globe on June 27, 2019 and those in the Asian region on July 18, 2019. The webinar focuses on Open Licensing Business Models and is aimed at creators and publishers of children's literature who are exploring the benefits, possibilities, challenges, and limitations of an open licensing business model.

This presentation was done by Neil Butcher.

Neil Butcher
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Creative Commons: Attribution 4.0
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Creation of reading resources
Open licensing

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